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About us

The Mastatest® system has been developed by Mastaplex, a leading innovator in the Agritech sector.

Revolutionizing diagnostics in the agricultural sector

Mastaplex was born out of the thriving Agritech sector that has helped New Zealand's dairy industry to become one of the most innovative worldwide. Led by Dr. Olaf Bork, the company was founded based on initial research carried out at the University of Otago (ranked in the world’s top 1% of universities). Mastaplex is now on a mission to revolutionize veterinary point-of-care diagnostics.

Their first product, Mastatest, is a world-leading and patent-protected solution that provides dairy farmers and vets with easy, accurate, and rapid bovine mastitis diagnoses. Mastatest is now available in the European Union, North America, New Zealand, Australia and Africa, with more than 1,000 farmers using the solution to date.

Meet our team

Dr Olaf Bork

CEO & Managing Director

Dr Olaf Bork has deep expertise in innovation management and commercialization of Animal Health and Agritech products. Prior to founding Mastaplex, Olaf led life science product developments at Bayer Technology Germany before coming to New Zealand and heading the Bayer Centre for Dairy Animal health and the Centre for Bioengineering & Nanomedicine at the University of Otago leading patented innovations in the area of mastitis treatment and diagnostics.

Karl Gradon
Karl Gradon

Investor Director

Karl has extensive commercial experience with a focus on strategy, innovation, and growth, having previously held senior international leadership positions with multinationals Fonterra and Kerry Ingredients, as well as serving as CEO of The New Zealand Manuka Group. Karl is an active investor and experienced Director in companies in the food, nutrition, and Agritech sectors, in addition to leading the strategic business advisory group Seedling Advisors.

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