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November 2022

New Spanish language option for Mastatest Lapbox

Mastaplex is pleased to announce that the Mastatest Lapbox can now be operated in Spanish in addition to English. This addition is seen as important for the company’s global expansion plans, and further language options will follow as the company launch into new territories.

Spanish is an important language globally, with close to 8% of the global population classed as Spanish-speakers. In the USA it is recognized as the most common non-English language spoken, and it has rapidly become an important language on dairy farms.

Recent dairy workforce surveys in the USA have consistently shown a heavy reliance on foreign-born employees. In fact more than 50% of the farm workers on US dairies are foreign-born, and this is the highest on large dairies. Of these foreign-born dairy workers, more than 80% are estimated to be Spanish-speakers. This proportion is only expected to grow.

Mastaplex CEO Dr Olaf Bork commented “Being able to operate the Mastatest Lapbox to operate in Spanish is an important enabler of our success in the critical USA dairy market. It also opens up future launch opportunities in other Spanish-speaking dairy markets.”

Dr Bork continued “As well as adding new languages to the Lapbox, we are thinking carefully about how to make our user resources accessible to a diverse audience. Already, we have developed a series of simple user-guide videos that avoid the use of complex language and voice-overs to increase their accessibility.”

Mastatest users can now access this change, by navigating to the Language option menu on the Mastatest Lapbox. Mastatest video user guides can be accessed at: